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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don’t want my tenant to know I’m selling just yet, will you be discreet?

A: We will be discreet. We don’t need to tell your tenant you’re selling just yet. I don’t need to see the inside of your house until you are ready. I can give you an offer based on the condition you say your house is in, and if we go inside and see its worse than planned, we can discuss the offer changes at that time.

Q:Are there any commissions or fees associated with selling my house to Ready REI?

A:No, we will make you an offer without real estate agent fees or commissions

Q:We need to sell fast, how long will it take to get an offer?

A:We can typically get an offer to you within 24-48 hours.

Q:What if my house needs repairs?

A:We buy homes as-is so there is no need for you to make repairs.

Q:I’m behind on my loan, can you help?

A:We buy homes that are behind in payment, facing foreclosure and underwater.

Q:I’m in foreclosure, can you help?

A:As long as the foreclosure is not finalized and under bank ownership, we can still make an offer to buy your house.

Q:I have a tenant in the house, can you still buy it or do we have to kick them out?

A:We buy homes with tenants in place all the time. Don’t worry about your tenant.

Q:Will you buy my house vacant?

A:Yes, we buy vacant and tenant occupied homes.

Q:My house is already listed with an agent right now, can you still buy my house?

A:Yes, we will work with the agreement you have with your agent. You will likely have to pay your agent’s commission, but we can still purchase your home

Q:I don’t live close, do I have to come down to meet you or process the sale?

A:We can arrange a tour with your current tenant or property manager so you don’t have to go out of your way to let us in. You can complete your end of closing at most attorney’s offices and your check can be mailed to you.